Don’t worry about your skin.
We’ve found the solution.
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16+ Calming Day
Don’t worry about your skin.
We’ve found the solution.
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35+ Calming Night
Calming Day & Night
The power of nature in a jar I care for my skin

Don’t worry about your skin. We’ve found the solution.

#érzékenybőr #nyugalom #hidratálás
Calming Day and Calming Night

What skin problems are we treating?


Click! Use Calming Day every morning and evening if you’re below 25. Between 25 and 35, use Calming Day every morning and Calming Night every evening. If you’re above 35, use Calming Night every morning and evening. 1 of 1


Click! Use Calming Day every morning and evening. 1 of 1

Skin problems

Click! For treating inflamed acne, blackheads, pimples, just use Calming Day every morning and evening. It works wonders. 1 of 1

Mature skin

Click! If you’re above 35, use the prevention program of Calming Day each morning and Calming Night every evening. Or instead, you can use Calming Night every morning and evening to treat already existing wrinkles. 1 of 1

Male skin

Click! Use Calming Day every morning and evening! 1 of 1

Pure Nature

Our „Calming” collection’s main aim is to relax and heal by relying solely on the power of plant ingredients. No sensitising ingredients, no scams, no dilution, no smokescreens. Vegan, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, palm oil-free, chemical-free – and never tested on animals.


Real humans, real stories

Before After
Dorina / Payroll specialist

What was Dorina’s problem?

She had a severe case of food allergy rash. The rash used to heal slowly and leaving her skin scarred. Unfortunately, scars were visible for a long time.

What is the result?

The rashes healed quickly, the irritated red skin calm down and Dorina could enjoy a clean, relaxed skin.

Mariann / Masseuse

What was Mariann’s problem?

She had been looking for a solution for her rosacea for years. Her skin was constantly red, which only got worse due to stress. On top of that, her skin felt rough and dry upon touching.

What is the result?

Her skin calmed down and the redness has withdrawn. Now she enjoys beautiful complexion and a hydrated skin tone.

Before After
Before After
Anna / college student

What was Anna’s problem?

Anna had struggled to find a solution for her inflamed pimples and acne. Her face was covered with painful pimples, plus her skin was dry and peeling off.

What is the result?

The amount of pimples and blackheads decreased, and the inflamed areas have withdrawn. Her skin resumed functioning healthily as protrusions and bumps disappeared. The surface of her skin became nourished and healthy. The surface of the scars gradually decreased and faded away throughout the 5-month treatment. Today, her confidence is back and she doesn’t need make-up for leaving from home.

Who created Neo Nature Cosmetics?

Eszter Nagy

Creator of Neo Nature Cosmetics

Hello! I’m Eszter Nagy, creator and owner of the Neo Nature Cosmetics brand. I’ve been working as a bio cosmetician for 10 years – and I practise my craft up until this day in my salon.

I’ve used countless creams throughout my career and witness how they work – or fail, for that matter – in action. I constantly experience what customers really want. I’ve created numerous hand-made recipes – and now I’d like to share everything with a wider audience.

I use only the highest quality plant oils, aromatic waters, volatile oils and vitamins. There a couple of ingredients that I was not able to create by hand (these are just too little in amount to dose them), which only made my products more efficient and richer than their fully hand-made counterparts did.

Most of my clients at my salon has skin issues such as allergies, sensitivity, rosacea, acne, or other irritation due to chemicals. All of these people found me because of these problems – and all of them wanted a solution.

Since I love helping people by nature, I’m committed to find the solutions they seek. Many of my clients have visited a dermatologist, but medical products can only bring short-term solutions for them.

Why should you choose us?

We aren’t only talking about it – we’re also doing it.

We care for your skin and we’d like help you so that it makes you happy.

And we care and protect the nature, because sustainability is one of our main missions.

High concentration of active substance

We only use high-quality plant oils, aromatic waters, volatile oils, vitamins and other, excellent-quality ingredients. We aren’t saving money on ingredients, there are no fillers, no dilution, just the amount needed make a cream work.

No animal testing

We just love animals, and that’s why we use ingredients that do not require testing on animals. Our main aim is to make your skin and you bedazzle your environment.


Our products only contain natural ingredients, devoid of any kind of harmful chemicals. It does not contain mineral oil, alcohol, perfume, palm oil or other GMO ingredients either.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Protecting our planet is very important for us – and that is exactly why we aim to leave as little an ecological footprint as possible. This is why all of our packaging is environmentally friendly.

Growing range

Our aim is to offer a solution for everyone struggling with a skin problem – and this is why we’re constanty broadening our range. Upcoming members of the Calming family: sunscreen face cream, face cleaner and make-up remover, body lotion, hand cream – all coming soon.

For ladies and gents alike

Neo Nature Cosmetics Calming products are efficient for both women and men. Anyone can use these creams who seek for daily hydration, regardless of age and gender.

Make your skin dazzling!

Calming Day

5.990 Ft

Our customers just love us! ❤️

"I work as a make-up artist, and I love using Calming Day because it gives me a matte surface, which is very easy to work with. Just check it out!"
"Eleve nagyon problémás bőröm van, viszont január-február környékén sikerült megtalálnom a Calmingot, ami rendbe hozta a bőrömet."
"A Calming Cleansing, nem csak a napi szennyeződésektől tisztítja meg arcod, de megoldás egy nagyobb smink eltávolítása esetén is. Használata egyszerű, nedvesíts be egy-két vatta korongot, tegyél rá az Arclemosóból és töröld át, majd öblítsd el vízzel. Az arctejek használata, biztosítja bőröd természetes egyensúlyának fenntartását, miközben megszabadít a napi szennyeződésektől."

Frequently Asked Questions

Calming Deep Hydrating Day cream

The first product of the natural cosmetics of Neo Nature Cosmetics is a hydrating face cream. Its aim is to treat sensitive skin that is susceptible to inflammation, rosacea and acne.

When to use it?

Sensitivity, irritation, red skin, food allergies, dry touch, tense sensation, sensitivity after shaving, acne, pimples, scars, oily skin, rosacea or eczema – applying this product is your go-to solution after a medical intervention to relax the skin (injection, laser treatment, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion etc.).

Calming Nurturing Night cream

CALMING NIGHT NURTURING FACE CREAM For night use, to complement the hydration cream – focusing on wrinkle-prevention.

When to use?

We recommend its usage over 35 or if you feel like the Day Hydrating Cream is not enough. Use it every morning and evening.

I highly recommend that you use the sample and go with the one that suits your skin the most.

If you are below 25, using Calming Day is probably your best choice – use it every morning and evening. If you are above 25, use Calming Day and Calming Night. And if you are past 35, use Calming Night every morning and evening.

The main aim of Neo Nature Cosmetics is to create fresh cosmetics that contain organic components and to revitalise both your face and your skin. Your health and being environmentally conscious are equally important. We are only using relaxing ingredients without any irritating effect. No chemicals – strictly plant oils and volatile oils. All of our products are vegan and never tested on animals. They are paraben-free, and made without any mineral oil or perfumes.

You can use it regardless of your age or gender f you like organic products with a discreet scent. If your skin is dehydrated because of the dry air, mainstream cosmetics, working out or a stressful life, Calming is the right choice – be it day or night.

The result will always depend on the individual, and it largely depends on the problem itself – there are no two similar skin types.

Of course you can. If you are uncertain about the results, you don’t even have to buy 50 ml products – just simply take a 5 ml or 10 ml sample.

Yes – if you aren’t sensitive to any of the ingredients. I highly recommend that you only use a tiny portion for a couple of days – just spread the product on your wrist, and only apply it on your skin if you don’t have any allergic reactions.

Just like a good wine – do to its fresh ingredients – it is highly recommended that you store our creams in a fridge.

Sure – just let us know in advance:

Address: Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 2.

Contact us at:

[email protected]
– +36-30-305-0306
– Facebook, Instagram

Your order can be a carriage forward, or paid via Barion or PayPal.

If you want to pick your order up in person, you can pay in cash only.

The result will always depend on the individual, and it largely depends on the problem itself – there are no two similar skin types.

Using GLS:

Calming 5 ml sample – purchasing one piece:

  • Credit/ debit card payment: 0 HUF
  • Carriage forward: 0 HUF
  • Delivery abroad: 1.400 HUF

Calming 10 ml:

  • Credit/ debit card payment: 400 HUF
  • Carriage forward: 800 HUF
  • Delivery abroad: 1.800 HUF

Calming 50 ml:

  • Credit/ debit card payment: 1100 HUF
  • Carriage forward: 1500 HUF
  • Delivery abroad: 2500 HUF

Totally. We believe that our products work, and that’s why we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee.

The most important thing for us is that you be satisfied. So if you feel like you aren’t happy with the product of your choice, just return it within 15 days starting from your purchase, and you’ll be fully refunded.

Please note that we do not reimburse you for the cost of delivery.

Once you’ve dispatched your order, please forward your bank account details to [email protected].

Adress: Hungary 2100 – Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 2.